About The Cast

Michelle Pfennighaus
After being laid off from an ad agency, Michelle became a health counselor and yoga instructor and would not change a thing. 

Kevin Kearns
When freelance work in NYC dried up post 9/11, Kevin decided to pursue his passion for painting. His work is now hanging in the Stricoff Gallery in SoHo and he sells 40-50 paintings a year.

Steve Hall
After Steve lost his job he created one of the most successful ad blogs in the business called Adrants.com.

David Cohen
David Cohen lost his job and made the most profound change a guy can make -- he became a woman. He changed his name to Dana Morrigan, and is now the managing editor of Genderfork.com

Kurtis Glade
After losing his job, Kurtis shot a documentary film about surf camps in California that provide free, therapeutic surf lessons to kids with cystic fibrosis. His daughter has CF.

Jeanne Schad
Jeanne was laid off from a large ad agency in Texas. Today she owns a global business consulting firm with over 150 coaches in her network.

Mark Radcliffe

After losing his job, Mark rode the entire Tour de France behind Lance Armstrong and started a site called "Chasing Lance." Mark also just released his second album called "The Sea Before Us."

Erik Proulx
After losing his job as a senior copywriter, Erik started a blog called Please Feed The Animals to help others in transition to navigate unemployment and reinvent themselves.

Jonathan Halitsky
After getting laid off from a media company, Jonathan volunteered to help those even less fortunate and also appeared in a Truth commercial done by a large agency.

Tom Van Daele
When Tom was laid off from his job as a creative director, he started his own agency. His first project was a website called cardsofchange.com, which gives those who have been laid off a place to state one positive change that resulted from losing their jobs.

Lisa Hickey
Lisa lost her job as a principal of a Boston ad agency. She has since become a leader in the world of Social Media and consults clients all over the world.

Hank Leber
Hank couldn╩╝t find a job in advertising so he started his own agency with a unique concept – do work for a client, and after the project is complete, the client pays what they think the work is worth.

Bob Weeks
After losing his job, Bob became a professional coffee roaster and sells his coffee all over New England and direct to consumer.

Lawson Clarke
After being laid off, Lawson took his clothes off, posed on a bearskin rug and started malecopywriter.com. He hasn't stopped freelancing since.

Ronan Doyle & Todd Gallentine
After getting laid off from different companies at different times, Ronan and Todd met and and started their own advertising agency together.